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Facebook Rules (Updated Page Terms)

It is true you CAN now run a contest on your Facebook Page and ask people to comment and/or like a post for an entry. This is a new change from a few months ago when this action could have got your business page shut down.

Being a user of apps, I would rather just use an app and have the data collected for me. However for all those non-app users out there, now you too can participate in the contest game on Facebook.

You can also use likes to vote, or have users message you or the Page as an entry, and more.

Something I did not know that I found interesting is that it is NOT ok to ask people to tag themselves in pictures of a new product in exchange for a chance to win a prize. However you can ask them to submit names of new products in exchange for a chance to win a prize.

Interesting and never boring.

Information interpreted from Facebook Page Promotion Terms:

HashTags on FaceBook

I was surprised to see Facebook finally embrace the hashtag. I thought it would take a little longer before that happened. Many of us have been using hashtags on Facebook for some time now to the annoyance of many users. I have been using them on Twitter for a long time, and unknown to many, they also work on Pinterest, Instagram and of course Google+.

So what is a Hashtag you ask?
A hashtag is a word or group of words connected together with no spaces, and a ‘pound’ (#) sign in front of them, turning that phrase or word into a clickable link, and making it easier for people to find topics or conversation threads they are interested in. Hashtags are used to categorize a topic in order for people to easily follow the conversation. Hashtags got their start on Twitter, where several years ago users started using them to tag individual tweets. It began as a way to group a conversation without the limitations of being followed or following that person. Once the popularity of using hashtags took off, Twitter made them searchable in their search engines. So now when you are searching for a particular topic or niche, the search results are much greater and perhaps more targeted for a particular topic.
I find the connections I am able to make through this method are far more than I would have been able to do just looking on my own.

What will be interesting on Facebook and other platforms allowing hashtags is how long they will end up being. Since Twitter posts are limited to the 140 characters, people have always tried to use as short a hashtag as possible, and on that platform the best hashtags are usually a single word or a few letters. (Such as airports #yyj #yvr, etc to direct a message to a particular city.) I am sure we will see some interesting hashtags appear now that there is less of a space concern.

The best way to understand hashtags is to start using them, clicking on them, and searching them. You will get the idea in no time. For more information on hashtags, or for further training on how to use for business, contact Darlene Goodrick through DiGiCo Marketing.

In the meantime Happy Hashtagging on #Facebook !!

Implementing Pinterest in your Social Media Plan


Have you looked at Pinterest yet? If not, it is worth including in your social media plan. Not only is it fun, but the people spending time on Pinterest are buyers. The click through numbers that turn into buyers is twice as high as that on other social media platforms. This is not something you want to ignore as a business person.

How to get started? Go to and sign up with either Facebook/Twitter, or with an email address. You can select ‘Business Account’ and start setting up your boards. If you need ideas, take a look at other businesses you see on Pinterest that are in your niche and see what they are doing.

To see our Pinterest page in the works CLICK HERE

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