April, 2016

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Marketing Fail by AeroPlan?

Who is the failure, AeroPlan or the businesses that are associated with AeroPlan? What am I talking about you ask? Well, just this….. AeroPlan gives and takes away. They have a policy that if a one year span goes by and you have not used your points or added to them, you lose whatever you have to zero. You may have saved for ten years, but miss that one year and it is all gone!
Recently this happened to someone very important to DiGiCoMarketing. This person contacted AeroPlan with their displeasure and asked them to return their points. AeroPlan would not. They were advised that several years ago an email was sent to them (an email account that had not used for about six years), informing them of this “new” policy.
There was no consideration.

Therefore, this person cancelled their AeroPlan account and now refuses to have anything to do with them. BAD PUBLICITY AEROPLAN!

Now, what about all the businesses that offer AeroPlan points as a reward to their customers? With AeroPlan’s bad reputation, how damaging is this relationship to that business?

If you, as a consumer, are no longer going to collect AeroPlan points, and you need to buy something, and there is a store with the product + AeroPlan points and a store with the Product + AirMiles points, or another reward that you accumulate; well which one are you going to go shop at? This is a no-brainer for any business!

Take a look at who YOU are associating with. Do they have the kind of reputation you want reflected through YOUR business? If not, then look for a partnership that is more in alignment with your own VALUES !!

AeroPlan – You have FAILED us!!

AeroPlan Fail