So You Have a New Website – What is Next?

Probably one of the most important online products for a business to have is their own ‘hosted’ website.  When I say ‘hosted’ that means a website that you (or your designated web designer) has control over; vs a free website.  This is something I have noticed, people may not realize…. you do not own your site, that is a free site and is owned by WordPress.  If for some reason you break a rule or for some other reason WordPress decides to shut down your webpage, there isn’t much you can do about it.  However once you have a web host, you can go to and get a great theme, many that are free and install.  I host my sites at GVO and have used them for years quite happily.

I also recommend buying your Domain name at one place and hosting at another; however this is not necessary so much anymore.  Back in the day, if the place you bought your domains went out of business, or shut down for days, you were out of business yourself during that time.  If hosting was elsewhere, it would just be a matter of grabbing another URL and have it point to your website.  In reverse, if your web hosting service was down, you could at least put a contact me on your URL page, so the customers were not lost.

Always back up your information.  I recommend writing your blogs off line, saving and copy/pasting to your website.  That way you automatically have a back up if something terrible was to happen.  I will go into more details in the future, but for now there is a great article you can read here.    CLICK HERE for Article  This is by Kris Trudeau, of PixelPoint Design & Consulting and gave me the idea to write this post for you today.  Thank you Kris for sharing your tips.

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