Success Series for Small Business

Success Series for Small Business

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Live Seminar Workshops: Ongoing – Monthly

***Possible Full Funding available for qualifying Business Owners***
Advance Registration Required  1-800-547-9041

What You Will Learn In This Powerful Two-Day Program:

  • How to create a competitive edge with your brand identity
  • How to create the Ultimate Marketing Plan
  • How to dramatically increase sales and liven up conversations
  • Take the mystery out of social media and use it to attract tons more customers
  • How to create a video campaign to draw more attention to your business
  • Why others think differently from you and how to speak to them in their language
  • Discover your true dreams and passions and realize them faster
  • How to be an effective networker and come out of this event with a whole new community of friends and business contracts

Hands-on, Real-World Skills and Training for “Absolutely Unstoppable Business Success”

***Possible Full Funding available for qualifying Business Owners *** – CLICK HERE for details.

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